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WaterCheck™ 2
The Ultimate Test Strip for 0.1 ppm Low Level Chlorine/Chloramine Test Strip

  • Easy to use strip test
  • Result in 30 Seconds
  • Detects chlorine/chloramine less than 0.1 ppm
  • Quantitative test results
  • Color blocks   0   0.1   0.5   1.0   ppm

0.1 p pm Chloramine/Chlorine test strip for monitoring carbon tank chlorine leaks. The strip is optimized for Maximal reaction with chloramine to assure detection of trace amount of chloramine in the treated water. The strip reacts with both free chlorine and chloramine. Results are ppm total chlorine. The test is a 30 second test.

AAMI now allows the use of a dip-and-read test strip for monitoring of 0.1 ppm total chlorine (chlorine/chloramine) in dialysis water treatment.

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WaterCheck™ CP
All Purpose Disinfectant Test Strip

  • Easy to use strip test
  • Residual and potency test in one
  • Reacts with chlorine, peroxide, iodine, and other oxidants
  • Detection range, 0 - 5000 ppm chlorine
  • Easy to read color blocks
  • 0   0.5   1.0   ppm chlorine, 1%, 10% bleach

Chlorine/Peroxide/Bleach. All purpose test strips.
This is the most versatile test strip. The strip is sensitive to varieties of disinfecting agents, such as, chlorine, bromine, peroxide, iodine or ozone. The strip measures total chlorine. It will react to chlorine concentrations from trace to over 1000 ppm. The strip color will turn from light blue to dark blue, to dark brown. It is a residual chlorine and potency test for bleach, both in one strip. Because of its high sensitivity for peroxide, the strip is also commonly used for detection of residual peroxide in rinse water from RO column after disinfected with peracetic acid.

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WaterCheck™ RC
The Most Versatile Chlorine/Bleach Test Strip

  • Easy to use strip test
  • Residual and potency test in one
  • Detection sensitivity about 0.1 ppm
  • Quantitation range   0   0.5   1.0   up to 500 and 500 ppm
  • Residual and potency test, all in one step.  0   0.5   1.0   ppm chlorine, 1% bleach

Residual Chlorine test strips,similar to WaterCheck™ CP, except that WaterCheck™ RC strip will not react with peroxide. Therefore, it can be used in the reuse room in the presence of peroxide fume in the air.

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